Fine Jewelry Production Studio

Nyfyny is a brand by LIVE ART Export. LiveArt, established twenty years back, for the manufacture and direct/indirect exports of fine jewelry from Sri Lanka, has now resolved to establish a fine jewelry production studio in a Ceylon precious stone gallery, showcasing an unprecedented experience in Sri Lanka.

LiveArt, the brain child of a Sri Lankan artist, designer and a craftsman with international exposure, intends to venture into this endeavor with strategic alliance with few other experts in the fields of finance, marketing, liaison, and laws and procedures of inward processing schemes.

LiveArt now invites collaboration from international players in the jewelry industry and trade for mutual benefit.

LiveArt promises 100% natural untreated Ceylon sapphires and African diamond embellished gold, platinum and silver jewelry and ware. By adding only facets to sapphires, LiveArt also offers out-of-shape sapphire cuts as well as two tone jewelry creations which make its products stand out and unique. A choice from among 16 colors of gold are also accommodated for custom designs.

LiveArt gallery will house authentic gems under one arcade together with an on demand customs made fine jewelry manufacturing facility. It will also house a world class lapidary service to serve its invaluable customers.

Innovation is the key in all the LiveArt products. LiveArt designs come in varied themes: be it traditional, contemporary, cultural or simply glamorous, the passionately created selection of merchandise is designed to appeal to varied palates.

LiveArt also undertake small and large scale customized orders from companies or orders for unique pieces from the elites around the world.