Technology and Craftsmanship

Technology and Craftsmanship

Traditional craftsmanship blended with modern jewelry technology where necessary, adding that fine finish, enhancing creative capabilities, improving dimensions and expanding concepts, allows us to be highly flexible and exclusive in jewelry designing and manufacturing process.

Puregenta Process:

Employed by us ensures products without soldering of metals leaving no visible marks using very special alloy system called “puregenta” Palladium and Rhodium

Micro Plating System:

Enhance whiteness of white gold with Palladium or add that bright and protective finish to gold with Rhodium could be done any micro thickness.

Inlaid System:

Inlaying of 16 colored gold & silver metal combination to create unique pieces.
Micro Setting System:
We use a micro setting system with high quality micro mirror polish bezel setting system.

3D CAD/CAM Technology:

‘Rhino’, ‘Jewelcad’ and ‘Matrix’ technology aided design to create exquisite masterpieces and to ensure that we meet all requirements of customized orders.

Designers and craftsmen:

Sri Lankan entrance to the world diamond jewelry industry in the 80’s has not only earned reputation for innovative world class jewelry and ware but also has now resulted a workforce of highly skilled quality concerned craftsmen who can take on any challenge in the industry. For example please refer the annexed profile of our partner who is an artist and the chief designer cum craftsman in the team.

Internationally acclaimed Sri Lankan gems:

Sri Lankan by origin, from an island country famed for its “Ceylon Sapphires” since ancient times, we endeavors to retain the authenticity of its gems, preserving their originality and enhancing value only through the addition of facets.

Comparatively low production cost:

The cost of production in reference to world class standards are still comparatively lowest in Sri Lanka when the fast Customs clearance time, quick transport infrastructure leading to the international airport and cost of labor is concerned. Exemption of 100% of fiscal levies on both import and export under inward processing scheme without any hidden levies and trade barriers is also a contributory factor towards towering of production cost.

Venture starting afresh:

Starting as a new venture relieves the team from unnecessary liabilities and issues hanging over years and years disrupting the peaceful and conducive atmosphere compulsory for creative work especially of an organization of this nature.

Secure and convenient work space:

Initial work space around 8000 square feet with vault, 24 hour security, backup power and ample parking space. It also has convenient access to five star hotels at walking distance and the international airport through existing expressway network.

International Exposure:

Participation in international fairs and involvement in the export productions have exposed us to international trends and requirements as well as standards which we meet in manufacturing our creative products. As a jeweler involved in product design and manufacture and a retailer of a varied range of products, we are on the continuous lookout for reliable partnerships that will take our selections worldwide.

In-house Experience in Inward Processing Schemes:

The team members are the best in Sri Lanka when it comes to the knowledge in laws & regulations and also Customs procedures and practice in relation to inward processing schemes, imports and exports. This will not only ensure efficiency in obtaining regulatory approvals but also for the lawful sustenance of the venture.

Trade and logistic network:

The team members has already secured direct access to trade and logistic services in 36 countries adding reliability to the supply or delivery chains.